Thousands of motorcycles, cars and people descended on Mallory Park Saturday 18th September 2010 for the 20th anniversary of the rebirth of Triumph. Gates opened at 9-00am with smiles of enthusiasm from over 10,000 motorcycle and music fans eager to enjoy the day’s entertainment and they weren’t disappointed. Some had come on their bikes from all over Europe filling guest houses, travel lodges and hotels for more than a 10 mile radius of Mallory Park race track.


A sea of bikes (mainly Triumph of course) covered the grass car parks round the Mallory Park track. It was the ultimate showroom if you wanted to see what your favourite Triumph Motorcycle in all its glory with the combination of accessories you would want on your bike. It was also an opportunity to see some of the fantastic Triumph bikes made at the Hinckley over the last 20 years.




Living in Spain this is the first time in a couple of years I have been to a biker’s event not dominated by Harley Motor Bikes. It was a refreshing change to see such enthusiasm for an English Motorcycle. However this turned out to be a music event as much as a biker’s event. Ticket holders of all ages said the on line ticket price of £25 was a bargain just to come and see The Stranglers, Mumford and Sons plus 3 other local groups who played from 5-00pm until midnight.


            The day’s event was bathed in sunshine until about 4-30 when intermittent light rain dampened proceedings a little on and off during the evening. Track events included stunt riding during the day by Paul Hanks and, Kevin Carmichael who tried to launch a Rocket to the moon, tried again on a street triple then hit the deck with gasps and cheers from the crowd after what was a stunning performance of bike handling




If you fancied having a go at a bit of stunt riding yourself, you could in complete safety, ride a real street triple for free. 2 Street Triples were set up on a rolling road. You could try basic wheelies and even try standing on the seat while doing a one. Volunteers of all ages could have a go.




Track events took place during the day including Street Triple and Daytona 675 races. You could have a go on the track testing a bike or go out on test rides. Buses left Malory Park at regular intervals taking nearly 4000 eager Triumph enthusiasts from around the world to the nearby Hinckley factory.

Other attractions were displays of new touring Triumphs, classic Triumphs and cruisers all kitted out with the latest accessories and each range in separate tents adding to the thousands on display in the car parks. Race teams and customised Triumphs had their own areas which included turbo charged Rockets.


Take a look at this old wreck (or is it ?) If you know your Triumphs the badge gives it away. Used in Terminator 3, the rust is spray on, there’s no hole under the masking tape on the seat and the bike was virtually new when used in the film.




One of the best and most noticeable things about Triumph Live is how much of a family event it was. Like the Rock and Bike events we see in Spain it brought whole families and lots of children of all ages. Even pensioners reminiscing about when they had a Triumph. On the hills overlooking the track families had picnics while watching the track events. Even the UK’s favourite family event ‘shopping’ in the sales was catered for. By the time the Triumph clothing shop closed at about 6-00pm all that remained were a few event T shirts. One woman while we were waiting in a queue of more than 50 people went round the store asking customers to add items on to a pile of clothes in her arms already 2 feet high, amazing!




All in all a fantastic event with something for everyone with some great music in the evening, well done Triumph!! I wonder if they will have a 21st. Watch out for my review of the new Adventurer range in November. 


Article by: - Keith (OLD GIT BIKER) Lloyd




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